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New Adventure

Time to pack the bags and experience something new. I have had the good fortune and, yes, the honor, to have been included with a dozen other journalists to travel to Germany, and learn about that country, its people, its Identity.

A perfect opportunity — I have spent a few days in that city (in 2013) with friends. So got a taste, but mostly a taste for more.

A_Remnant_of_the_Past.JPGI will be learning from German journalists, lawmakers, politicians, activists, even the former prisoner of a Stasi prison. See — already I realize I don’t know. Is it THE Stasi Prison, or A.  (Guessing one of many)

Ah, the richness of travel.


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The author of Ruling Woman is a television journalist, based in Manhattan who spends her workdays at 30 Rock, her nights on Broadway, and her weekends at the Farmers Market. Likes to knit, commune with the angels, and travel.

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