I Puffi

Or, How I Fell in Love with the Kilogram Scale

I burst out laughing when I saw that the Italians call “Smurfs” “Puffi”. Or, to take the grammar to its proper usage. A “smurf” would be a “puffo.”  Or, “puffa” (feminine).

It became the leitmotif of my culinary – how you say – overindulgences. 

You can magine my joy when I got onto my Italiana host’s scale – and saw I weighed in the low 70’s. That was quite a joy for the girl who tipped the scale at 100, in the 5th grade.  And, reached 220 by the end of college.  So I will gladly take 74, thank you! 

I am pretty sure I shall not come home as a Puffa – and definitely confident I shan’t be blue.  

Palazzo Braschi Told Me to Do It!!






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