Everywhere You Look

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to visit Lake Como. I guess I thought it was only for the elites. Certainly, it has a rich history of being the relaxing playground of the rich. But, Varenna – where I am staying — has its own history. Once a fishing town, its only catch now is a nice juicy tourist.  By the accents around me: they seem to draw from around the world. Though I am seeing few asians, mostly I hear German, Italian, a little English and some American. 

Coming in the Spring is a good idea. Not quite crowded – I have been able to walk around, take in the sights, take my time, and enjoy the incredible views. This is definitely going to be added to my Italian itineraries from now on. 

The food of this region is different, of course.  The typical is untypical, all local, always regionalized. I wrote about the local dish pizzocchere on Janet Eats. That pasta created a symphony of taste and, admittedly, a few too many florid adjectives. Might have been the wine. 

It is so quiet here. I explained to all who would listen that I chose Varenna because it was described as the place to relax, do nothing, enjoy, with not too many distracting sights. And so far, it seems to have fulfilled that promise. Perhaps the room I got at the Albergo del Sole says it all: named Lucia, an open door with just a hint of table and festive tablecloth beckoned. When I stepped out – I discovered it was just a chair and a table. Facing a tallish half wall – no view – and not much room. 

Can’t really do much, but sleep.  And wander around the little little town. 







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