Still Moving

I am on vacation and I have yet to stop moving. 

24 hours door to door with a 7-hour layover in Bruxelles – turns out there is a cost to a $500 round trip to and from Roma. Oh, did I mention, I had a center seat to BRU and no seat – in fact I was standby from Brussels to Rome. Obviously, I made it to Italy.

A few glorious hours in Monti (Roma) reacquainting myself with the food that I love. Though I shall save the trip to “Tacos and Beer” for my return to la Bella città.

Quick trip to Bologna where I met up with the gifted Anna Tazzari – her handsome husband Massimo (yes, there really are men in Italy called Massimo. And Felice. And Fabio) – the charming and generous hosts at the Palazzo Albergati in Zola Predosa outside Bologna. 

And, of course, many Signora Maria sculptures. This visit, I got Maria with her Popeye-inspired husband Felice – at the beach. 

I am now – via Milano Centrale – on the train to a tiny village by Lake Como called Varenna

Upon my arrival – I shall spend a night and an entire day doing NOTHING before exploring the lago. 

Stay tuned.




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