Don’t Head to ATM without your Friends

Our group of 13 journalists arrived in Prague rather early for check-in. Which meant some of the group got rooms, most did not. 

And so we set out in small groups for a quick lunch and a bit of exploring. “I”m going to a cash machine to get my Czech Koruna” (the euro likely works here but I both wanted to do a proper Czech exchange and be able to buy a little something in the street without the drama.
Ha! I got my Czech money (approximately 1000 koruna equal 50 bucks) — but got the drama anyway. What was I thinking? Of course, I got separated from my peeps, ended up with a smaller group who did not want lunch – because they all had filling brekkies. I saw bad mood written all over me. 
Ironically, I ended up doing what I generally do when I travel — ventured out alone. It feels strange because I got used to my little “family”. And now I am sitting at a cafe called “Krčma U Pavouka” — waiting for my Baker’s Potato Soup.  I passed on “Soup of a good homemaker.” 

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