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  • Orient Express: The Journey Begins

    Orient Express: The Journey Begins

    Day One Aboard the Orient Express In a way – I’m kinda glad that the beginning of my journey from my fancy-pants hotel in Istanbul to the train station was – well – kinda dicey. It was Turkish Independence Day so families were out in force, no work just play and the cranky taksi driver…

  • Istanbul: The Start of My Journey

    Istanbul: The Start of My Journey

    Two Nights at the Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul. It can be overwhelming to consider who has walked the halls of this historic hotel in the Beyoglu neighborhood of Istanbul. I immediately searched out the “Agatha Christie” room. She apparently preferred Room 411. I have imagined that her room was similar to mine because I…

  • Not Constantinople

    Not Constantinople

    A dear friend decided he wanted to spend his 65th birthday with 24 of his closest friends.  We’re not talking ice cream cake and candles here: we celebrated in Istanbul. I understand now why they call those Sufi mystics Whirling Dervishes. My head was whirling after just one week in Turkey — that mad, exotic,…