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Time for Reflection

I have always regarded travel as a chance to learn about myself by seeing the reflection of who I am through the eyes of strangers. So, for me this has been a time of self-awareness. And, also a time to see what it means to be an American at this particular moment of history. I was granted the opportunity of ...

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An Eye-Opener

I have certainly heard about Radio-Free Europe, but in Prague, I learned how very little I understood about that service.  Right up front, RFE, as it is often called, does not even broadcast to Europe. Instead, it aims its signals, its journalism to Asia.    I and 12 other journalists were given the chance to see their facility on the ...

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Don’t Head to ATM without your Friends

Our group of 13 journalists arrived in Prague rather early for check-in. Which meant some of the group got rooms, most did not.  And so we set out in small groups for a quick lunch and a bit of exploring. “I”m going to a cash machine to get my Czech Koruna” (the euro likely works here but I both wanted ...

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