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Night Before the Day After: Preceding Next Week

Well, it appears I have succeeded in packing what I need for a two-week business trip into a carry-on bag.  Not just any suitcase.  I got it into my mind that I would go with an international-size bag. Which, in case you don’t know (like I didn’t until 3 weeks ago) means it measures 19″ x 14″ x 9″ I am heading to Berlin, ...

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Tic Toc

Suitcase purchased. Check! Clothes bought, pressed and altered. Check! Books read, documentaries viewed. Check! Shoes broken in. Check! Socks and undies washed. Check! Rick Steve’s packing list studied. Check! Mani/Pedi. Check! This chick is ready to fly. Germany, here I come.  Check!

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New Adventure

Time to pack the bags and experience something new. I have had the good fortune and, yes, the honor, to have been included with a dozen other journalists to travel to Germany, and learn about that country, its people, its Identity. A perfect opportunity — I have spent a few days in that city (in 2013) with friends. So got ...

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Week Six 2001: Ballare sul Tavola

BALLARE SUL TAVOLO (Dancing on the Table) Starting Week Six, the U.S. started bombing. I realized that Bin Laden is really fighting his war with words of terror, not airplanes.  I decided that I would not let him win by making me afraid. So, I went dancing. One of my best friends in Rome is a young Israeli man whose favorite ...

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