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Musings on Getting Lost

Getting lost is a sore subject with me. I do it easily and often. It causes me anxiety.  So, what do you do when you find yourself someplace unfamiliar? What else — you get lost. There is this chocolate shop in Rome that I adore. It’s called Moriondo & Gariglio. I try to visit it every time I’m here. “Try” is ...

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Week Six 2001: Ballare sul Tavola

BALLARE SUL TAVOLO (Dancing on the Table) Starting Week Six, the U.S. started bombing. I realized that Bin Laden is really fighting his war with words of terror, not airplanes.  I decided that I would not let him win by making me afraid. So, I went dancing. One of my best friends in Rome is a young Israeli man whose favorite ...

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Third Week of Three Months in Roma 2001

In the week of 16 Settembre 2001, there was an air of unsteady calm in Rome. Some paura — fear.  Yet, a real sense of the strongly-held Italian belief in destino. My third week in Rome had a certain unrealness to it. For me and my American friends, there was an attempt at normalcy, but definitely some survivors’ guilt. I asked ...

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Week of Grieving: Week Two in Rome 2001

ATTACCO ALL’AMERICA It was a week in Rome that I shall never forget. A time of unspeakable horror, and unexpected kindness. The strangest thing about staying on top of what happened in New York is that I have little access to American television. I am living with an Italian woman who speaks no English. And, the English newspapers here have ...

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Rome for Three Months, 2001: Week One

  That first week was a dizzying week of new discoveries, new friends, and a rare case of the event being greater than the anticipation! What a city! My tiny little room overlooks the Tiber and, once the leaves fall from the trees in front of my window, I will be able to see St. Peters in the distance and the ...

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