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On the Street

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  The latest in street performers in Rome. What are these people looking at?

Yessir, That’s My Baby!!





This is a street performer unlike any I have ever seen on the street. Perhaps this pediatric attraction has been around for awhile, but not in my experience. 

I happened upon little big blue baby while heading for my traditional first-day treat near the Pantheon. At Caffe Tazza d’Oro: granita di caffe. A sorbet-esque treat made from sweetened coffee, big ol’ crystals of deliciousness. Served between two pillows of panna (whipped cream). 

I heard these admittedly annoying high squeals then saw from where they were coming. Look closely – you’ll see his tiny little hands. He was both endearing. And a little grotesque. 

If anyone happened to snap him without tossing something into his milk (latte) can – he would unleash a stream of, well let’s assume it was, water. 


Man in a Hurry

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