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Another Year: Two New Countries

Heading out on a much-deserved summer vacation, mainly to hear my friend sing the Brahms Requiem with a chorale group in Budapest. Then, we shall take a quickie jaunt to Vienna.  I have neither travelled in the deep heat of summer to (Central) Europe. Nor, for such a short time: just a week.  Many adventures to come, I’m sure.

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I Puffi

Or, How I Fell in Love with the Kilogram Scale I burst out laughing when I saw that the Italians call “Smurfs” “Puffi”. Or, to take the grammar to its proper usage. A “smurf” would be a “puffo.”  Or, “puffa” (feminine). It became the leitmotif of my culinary – how you say – overindulgences.  You can magine my joy when ...

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Fathers Day

I have decided to take full advantage of Easter in Roma. I do not usually travel to la Bella città this time of the year. And, as with all my vacations, I generally don’t choose the dates for any other reason than “it’s been long enough without a break, pick some dates from the calendar”. Which is how I unintentionally ended up in Rome ...

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Everywhere You Look

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to visit Lake Como. I guess I thought it was only for the elites. Certainly, it has a rich history of being the relaxing playground of the rich. But, Varenna – where I am staying — has its own history. Once a fishing town, its only catch now is a nice ...

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Still Moving

I am on vacation and I have yet to stop moving.  24 hours door to door with a 7-hour layover in Bruxelles – turns out there is a cost to a $500 round trip to and from Roma. Oh, did I mention, I had a center seat to BRU and no seat – in fact I was standby from Brussels ...

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I’m Back

I adore this one picture of my father, that funky little homemade wheel barrow and oh that dog!! ¬†Pretty sure that skeptical baby is my brother! I have neglected Ruling Woman for too many years to count. I’ve been ruling all along — just too busy and okay I have kinda forgotten how to do this. Technically, of course. Hopefully ...

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