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New Kitchen! Sure

Our first full day of activities found us in the “old” part of the Reistag building – the German parliament building – that has seen so much history in this city and in this country that I will send you to Google to find its history. Some observations — above a picture from the back of an artistic (not state-sanctioned) ...

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The Adventure Begins

Busy schedule for us 13 American journalists in Berlin. We met this morning over breakfast and learned a little bit about one another. It is a very diverse group: nationality, racially, age, workplace. We have television producers, a couple of anchors from big and small markets. Lots of public radio folk, from DC and the south. A couple of Voice ...

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There is no getting around the fact that Berlin evokes feelings of ambivalence — you can’t ignore (nor do they) its history.  Case in point, my hotel is very close to a site called the “Topography of Terror.” It was a place where prisoners were taken, the headquarters of the Gestapo. It was mostly destroyed during and after the war. ...

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A Leg Up

Hopefully, this will be my last mention of the “suitcase” — packing was made to be a big deal for us participants of the RIAS journalist exchange. And as I have mentioned – I’m a casual (at best) packer.  I found myself comparing luggage on my flight to Berlin from America. Is his bigger than mine, I thought more than ...

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Night Before the Day After: Preceding Next Week

Well, it appears I have succeeded in packing what I need for a two-week business trip into a carry-on bag.  Not just any suitcase.  I got it into my mind that I would go with an international-size bag. Which, in case you don’t know (like I didn’t until 3 weeks ago) means it measures 19″ x 14″ x 9″ I am heading to Berlin, ...

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Tic Toc

Suitcase purchased. Check! Clothes bought, pressed and altered. Check! Books read, documentaries viewed. Check! Shoes broken in. Check! Socks and undies washed. Check! Rick Steve’s packing list studied. Check! Mani/Pedi. Check! This chick is ready to fly. Germany, here I come.  Check!

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