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Four Weeks in Rome, 2001

I finished my first month of school, had visitors from America, and traveled to the village from which my grandparents emigrated. All righty–the picture pretty much said it all…my fourth week in Rome was a bit of a blur. As I was wrapping up my last week of school–for the month, anyway–I was showing my aunt and uncle around Rome. ...

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Third Week of Three Months in Roma 2001

In the week of 16 Settembre 2001, there was an air of unsteady calm in Rome. Some paura — fear.  Yet, a real sense of the strongly-held Italian belief in destino. My third week in Rome had a certain unrealness to it. For me and my American friends, there was an attempt at normalcy, but definitely some survivors’ guilt. I asked ...

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Week of Grieving: Week Two in Rome 2001

ATTACCO ALL’AMERICA It was a week in Rome that I shall never forget. A time of unspeakable horror, and unexpected kindness. The strangest thing about staying on top of what happened in New York is that I have little access to American television. I am living with an Italian woman who speaks no English. And, the English newspapers here have ...

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Rome for Three Months, 2001: Week One

  That first week was a dizzying week of new discoveries, new friends, and a rare case of the event being greater than the anticipation! What a city! My tiny little room overlooks the Tiber and, once the leaves fall from the trees in front of my window, I will be able to see St. Peters in the distance and the ...

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