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Thirteen Years Later

9/11/2014: A day to remember how I once remembered “Black Tuesday” WALL OF GHOSTS At a hospital near my home, there is a memorial to Nine/Eleven.  It is a brick wall hung with hundreds of “Missing” Flyers, sealed behind plexiglass. These are the faces of those who were lost that day. I call them ghosts. Not because they are spectres ...

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Florence Trip with Friends 2001

OUR VISIT TO FLORENCE This week it was clearly time for me to visit this Tuscan city of Michelangelo, Dante, and leather jackets.  And so, my friends and I hopped onto the Eurostar and headed to the sepia city of Firenze. We didn’t need our tour books for this visit, because one of my favorite teachers made a special list ...

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Due Ragazze from Marion Street

Two girls from Marion Street in Albany, Oregon, together in Rome. My best friend from childhood visited me with her family during my tenth week. It was, without doubt, my best week in Italy. I have known this woman since I was three years old. When Sandy found out I was coming to Rome, she decided, on the spot, that she would ...

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Rome, 2001: Bridging the Halfway Mark

In this city of many bridges, I realized that I had crossed a very important bridge. Week seven marked the latter half of my stay here in Rome, and that sharpened my experiences. My seventh week in Rome began with an excursion to the Roman flea market called Porta Portese. I went with my padrona a casa who I adore. She ...

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Week Six 2001: Ballare sul Tavola

BALLARE SUL TAVOLO (Dancing on the Table) Starting Week Six, the U.S. started bombing. I realized that Bin Laden is really fighting his war with words of terror, not airplanes.  I decided that I would not let him win by making me afraid. So, I went dancing. One of my best friends in Rome is a young Israeli man whose favorite ...

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Week of Grieving: Week Two in Rome 2001

ATTACCO ALL’AMERICA It was a week in Rome that I shall never forget. A time of unspeakable horror, and unexpected kindness. The strangest thing about staying on top of what happened in New York is that I have little access to American television. I am living with an Italian woman who speaks no English. And, the English newspapers here have ...

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